“Greatness is what we on the brink of…”

Life is indeed happening. It’s been a pretty exciting week.

BRRRR…it’s COLD out there!

Unfortunately, there aren’t any Toros or Clovers in the atmosphere. 😀  In my neck of the woods, the week kicked off with a snow storm. Shoveling is great cardio, with a touch of strength training, right? We’ve ended the week with record frigid temps. It’s not the most motivating kind of weather.To the contrary, most of us prefer snuggling in the comforts of home.

Cold, snowy weather was perfect for one thing: Polartec’s Big Air Event at Fenway Park! My sister and I attended the snowboarding competition on Thursday night. It was lots of fun, despite the cold. Check out the 140 foot ski jump set up inside the ballpark!

“Never shrink yourself for anyone.”

My dance instructor said this to me on Friday, while we worked on the foxtrot. A light bulb went off in my head, and I replied, “that’s solid advice, in dance AND life.” Of course, the wheels in my head started to turn. How many times in our lives have any of us stifled our true selves for others, and become ridiculously self conscious as a result? Sometimes it’s for a friend, family member, or romantic interest. It’s not right, but we have all done it at some point. There’s no reason why anyone should shrink themselves or dull their sparkle. Friends, I challenge you to shine brightly, for all of the world to see. You’re worth it!

Adventure awaits…

As previously mentioned, I’m a roller derby skater and coach. In addition, I’ve been a roller derby announcer since 2012. Calling derby games is lots of fun, includes travel, meeting new people, plus looking and smelling nice at a derby game (a stark contrast to skating!). Usually, I travel within New England to announce. Last year, announcing led me to upstate NY for the Mohawk Valley Cup and I had a blast!

Late this week, I was extended an invite to Battle of the All Stars tournament, in Hatfield, PA. This is a great opportunity to use my skills in a new setting. Thursday night, I’m hitting the road and will be sure to tell you all about it next week.

In the midst of the excitement and snow, I slacked on healthy eating. Womp, womp. Thankfully the scale was kind.

Starting weight: 222 lbs

2/7/16 weigh-in: 210 lbs

2/14/16 weigh-in: 209.8 lbs

This week’s loss: .2 lbs

Total weight loss: 12.2 lbs

Galentine’s Day Weekend!

If you’re a fan of Parks and Recreation, you’ve heard of Galentine’s Day. It’s a day to celebrate your female friends and tell them how great they are.

I was lucky enough to receive vegetarian kale soup from one of my favorite lady friends on Galentine’s Day, and made sure to bring her chocolate. Today, a group of us headed to the theatre to watch Deadpool, and enjoyed an excellent Mexican dinner.  Thank you for being my Galentines!

Don’t forget dessert; sweet chimichangas in honor of Deadpool. 


This week’s post title is from Nicki Minaj’s Moment for Life.

“This is my moment
I waited all my
Life, I can tell it’s time
Drifting away, I’m
One with the sunsets
I have become alive.”

As always, email me at bootifulbanshee@gmail.com with questions or suggestions.

Wishing you a great week!
















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