“I do what I love and I love what I do…”

The last two weeks have moved at LUDICROUS SPEED (haha), which resulted in skipping last week’s post. It’s been hectic, but super awesome.

My league, Mass Attack Roller Derby, had a visitor from our local radio station, Fun 107! Gazelle, from the Rock and Fox Morning Show, joined us as a skater in training, to learn what we do. He was even brave enough to take a few hits! Having Gazelle at practice was fun, and helps the league get some great exposure. The opportunity to work with him and help my league was excellent. Check out the blog and video about his visit!

As mentioned, I spent last weekend in Hatfield, PA, announcing at the Battle of the All Stars roller derby tournament. In addition to my experience as a roller derby skater, I’ve been a roller derby announcer since 2012. My experience has been announcing the game to a live, in-house audience. Battle of the All Stars offered an opportunity to announce to the house audience, as well as live streaming broadcast to the audience watching via New England Roller Derby Report‘s YouTube channel.

Thanks to Andrew Keyes Derby Photography for capturing Mr. Rat’s reaction to one of my puns. Haha.

The tournament had a fantastic crew of announcers, and our tournament head announcer paired the announcers based on their knowledge of the teams playing in the tournament. Lucky for me, Team Massachusetts is composed of many skaters I have played beside, against, or announced their games. In addition, Team Maine has quite a few familiar faces from previous game calls. Our tournament head assigned me to the broadcast calls for both teams. The idea of broadcast announcing was a bit intimidating, for concern of unkind commentary from fans at home. As a derby fan, I’ve witnessed some of the scathing commentary from fans. Taking the step and trying broadcast was far more positive than I expected, and the kind words and feedback were overwhelming. To those who showed support, please know I’m truly grateful. If you’d like to watch any of the tournament’s games, all are available for viewing in the NERDerby archive.

Serious face during my first broadcast call, Team Mass vs Team VA. Thanks, Jessica McAndrew!

Announcing a three day derby event is exhausting, but the sleep deprivation and hours on the road were totally worth it. Doing what scares you, and doing what you love are worth the sacrifice.

Getting back to the daily grind at the office, plus derby and life in general was a little rough. Thanks to lots of caffeine and the positive vibes from the weekend, pushing through wasn’t too bad. Eating on the go wasn’t the greatest, and I didn’t make the best food choices at times. Thankfully, it balanced out and I have made it a quarter of the way to my weight loss goal!

Starting weight: 222 lbs

2/14/16 weigh-in: 209.8 lbs

2/28/16 weigh-in: 207 lbs

Two weeks weight loss: 2.8 lbs

Total weight loss: 15 lbs


Goodbye, comfort zone!

Aspirations of sassiness, level: Karen Walker

Personal growth is one of the reasons why this blog began. In conjunction with going to HOYH meetings and really listening to my feelings, it’s been helpful and the process can be pretty humorous. One of my main struggles is interactions within interpersonal relationships. Simply put, I don’t know how to assert myself or get what I want in romantic relationships. Add that to being socially awkward, and it’s a freaking hoot.

Approaching persons of romantic interest is not something I do. Perhaps that’s been part of my problem. This week, as trivial as it may seem, I took a step. After a scrimmage, everyone went out for food and drinks, and a POI caught my eye. There were words exchanged, and I tried to convey in the most non-creepy way possible that he was quite attractive and introduced myself. On the way out, I gave him my number, including a little note, saying “I like your beard.” (Thanks, Ke$ha.) 😀 If he calls, great. If not, that’s fine, too. The whole point was to stop turning into the shy, twelve year old me. Achievement unlocked.

Realizing that I deserve to have a loving relationship with a future and a deserving partner was the first step. Putting myself out there is the next. Giving myself the grace to make mistakes, learn, and move forward makes it easier. We’ll see what happens.

Ellie Goulding’s I Love What I Do is this week’s title track.

“I do what I love and I love what I do
Stop me, stop me
I’m stopping you
Get the move right, baby, I’ll show what I mean
Don’t stop me, stop me, I like how it feels.”

As always, email me at bootifulbanshee@gmail.com with questions or suggestions.

Have a great week!

MA voters, don’t forget to get out and vote on Tuesday, 3/1!








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