“If I had to do it all again…”

Hello there. It’s been awhile. Almost 6 months…oops!

Life overwhelmed me for a few months and maintaining the blog slipped to the back burner. It’s been a mix of amazing and some things less than. Here’s what you missed:

I found myself in a short lived relationship with a recently divorced father of two, still picking up the pieces. The bonus: his volatile ex-wife, with her history of stalking him and whoever he dated. Despite this, his aesthetic and fantastic conversational skills drew me in. When things fizzled, it wasn’t surprising and I’m grateful it set me free. Nothing against him, but I deserve better. What’s most important is realizing it.

In the midst of all of this, my schedule remained chock full of awesome derby announcing gigs, including WFTDA and MRDA tournaments. I was determined to not allow  anyone or anything derail what I set out to accomplish. My desire to turn the skills acquired from announcing roller derby into a paid gig was strong.

The ECDX 2016 announcer crew, courtesy of Sean Murphy Photography. 

I was accepted to this year’s East Coast Derby Extravaganza in Feasterville, PA, where I worked on the house call amongst some of the world’s best WFTDA announcers. This experience was overwhelming and incredible. One of those top announcers (a D1 Tournament Head) encouraged me to apply for the 2016 WFTDA International Playoffs. A derby friend had encouraged me to apply before attending ECDX, planting the seed. This encouragement is sincerely appreciated, and was a much needed push. I’m happy to report that my application was submitted upon my return home from PA, and I’m a member of the first all-female broadcast crew in WFTDA history at next month’s 2016 WFTDA Division 1 International Playoffs in Columbia, SC.

Earlier in the year, I noticed a lack of announcer training and that some experienced roller derby announcers don’t necessarily refresh their game call to match changes in the game or inclusive derby culture. This inspired me to pitch two class ideas for Northeast Derby Convention, 2016, run by Bruised Boutique. The event organizers liked my ideas and I was added to the roster of coaches at this year’s event. It was a great experience and I’m grateful to share helpful hints with others in the derby community.

The opportunity to record a radio demo reel was presented to me last year and I’ve been looking for radio work since. After many discouraging months, I took a chance and emailed the station managers of four local radio stations my demo reel and revamped announcing resume. A week later, one of the stations called me back! They invited me in for a meeting, which was less of an interview and more figuring out when they could begin training me. Training began during 4th of July weekend and my regular part- time Sunday night shift became official a few weeks later. My dream of working in radio is coming true, even in a small way. Thankfully, there’s much potential and it’s exciting to see where this road leads.

In the studio at FUN107 FM.

The quest at getting and staying healthy, mentally and physically, remains a work in progress.  As for weight loss, it’s been tough, as my workouts haven’t been consistent. Currently, I’m aiming for 3 workouts per week. Thankfully, the scale is still headed downward. It’s helpful to remember that quick weight loss doesn’t always have staying power.


Starting weight: 222 lbs

2/28/16 weigh-in: 207 lbs

8/21/16 weigh-in: 203.6 lbs

6 months weight loss: 3.4 lbs

Total weight loss: 18.4 lbs


Over the course of the last few months, my level of stress and anxiety became too much to bear. I’ve battled anxiety my whole life, without a diagnosis. A serious talk with an old friend about his experience with getting help and how it improved his overall quality of life was motivating. It was clear that I needed to face how anxiety affected me, and after consulting my LICSW sibling, I felt ready to ask for help. Luckily, I had an annual appointment with my PCP coming up, and had a frank discussion about how I’d been feeling. She prescribed meds, which I’ve taken for a few weeks now and notice small positive changes. So far, I’m happy with taking this step.

Today’s title track is Again, by Faith Evans:

Nobody knows what life may bring.It might make you happy it might make you sad. Sometimes, yeah, but I know there’s a reason for everything (but I know). That’s why I keep believing.  Whatever is meant to be its going to be.”

That’s been my summer, and I wouldn’t change it. I hope the rest of you are enjoying it!  As always, email me at bootifulbanshee@gmail.com with questions or suggestions.

PS- I’ll be back on Sunday. After all, I’m making up for lost time! 🙂

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