“If You create the game then You create the rules…”

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Two words: self care.

Lately, I’ve thought a great deal about this topic. What exactly IS self care? Some say it’s taking time for yourself, whether to read a book in peace and quiet, enjoying a cup of tea (or another beverage of choice), getting a mani-pedi or something else you can do to pamper yourself.

It’s interesting, as I used to view self care the same way, and find all of the above acceptable. However, I think there’s more to it. Perhaps it’s something I’ve realized with age, but my interpretation of self care has evolved into overall caring for your own physical and mental well being. In short, doing what makes your heart happiest.

What makes your heart happiest can be a broad category, but it makes sense, as none of us are one-dimensional characters (I hope!). This weekend has been a great example of going what makes my heart happiest. Friday night, my BFF and I went to a T-Pain and 2 Chainz show, Saturday started with beach yoga and friends, followed by lunch with one of my derbies, dinner with another derby friend, followed by our monthly HOYH meeting. Today, I was able to make fresh apple, beet and carrot juice while handling some food prep before hitting up the skating rink before my shift at the radio station. Spending time with quality people and doing things we enjoy is a worthy use of a weekend, which makes me grateful.

A recent interview of Janet Mock by Sooo Many White Guys podcast brought up a really interesting piece of advice (watch it HERE):

“It’s about being stingy with your time, your body and with your talents. Not everyone is deserving of you, of your body, of your story, of your time. I wish that someone had told me ‘girl, you are everything’, you may not know it yet, but you don’t need to spend time trying to chase him, waiting on your phone, or dealing with this roommate, or all of these things, like, be stingy, you only have so much time in this world, in this particular body, in this particular experience; don’t spend it! Budget that shit! Budget how you spend your time, and the spaces you choose to occupy and who you choose to bring into your world.”  Janet Mock

This piece of advice was something I’ve found helpful, and it strikes me as a fantastic example of self care. I’d love to hear what you consider self care, whether it’s an activity, or a mindset. Hit me up at bootifulbanshee@gmail.com

This week, I focused on getting my eating back on track, cleaning up my act. All I have to do is stick to it!

Starting weight: 222 lbs

8/21/16 weigh-in: 203.6 lbs

8/28/16 weigh-in: 201.8 lbs

Weekly weight loss: 1.8 lbs

Total weight loss: 20.2 lbs

This week title is courtesy of India Arie’s Just Do You.

“I heard a voice that told me I’m essential
How all my fears are limiting my potential
Said it’s time to step into the light and
Use every bit of the power I have inside

So what’chu waiting on
Who You waiting for
If You don’t take a chance You’ll never know what’s in store.”

Have a great week! ❤


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